Calendar of Friends Sponsored Programs and Events

On Going Events


“Parents Survive & Thrive” Speaker Series Friends sponsors speaking events with leading experts in the areas of parent education, childhood development, family counseling, forgiveness and other topics relevant to our community.


PreSchool Family’s In-Home Teacher Visitation Program: Meant to create connections with your child’s teacher and ease your child into a drop-off class.


Alumni gathering

November through May

Fun Parties: Friends of PreSchool Family Parent-Hosted Fun Parties begin with sign-ups at PSF's annual Fun Day and continue throughout the year.

Past Events

March 2017

Survive & Thrive Series: Young Minds Require Creative Discipline by Sylvia Ford.

April 2017

Movie night

September 2016 — 70th Anniversary

Flyer for 70th aniiversary

March 2016

Survive & Thrive Series: Dr. Robert Brooks, psychologist on the faculty of Harvard Medical School, spoke on Raising Resilient Children.

December 2015

Book Club — Can you say "Night-Meeting-with-refreshments?" In December we kicked off the PreSchool Family Book Club. We read Overwhelmed: Work, Love, and Play When No One Has the Time, by Brigid Schulte.

Interested in hosting a book club meeting? If there is enough interest, we will break groups by decade to facilitate check-ins and thoughtful discussion. Contact Jean at for more information.

November 2015

Survive & Thrive Series: Rachelle Doorley, founder of TinkerLab, spoke on How to Inspire Creativity through Hands-on Making for Toddlers.

November 2015

Alumni Picnic and movie night

March 2015

Survive & Thrive Series: Matthew C. Andrews, Ph.D. spoke on How to Create Play and Projects that Promote Lifelong Learning for the Whole Family.

February 2014

Survive & Thrive Series: Kate Williams Browne spoke on Guiding Young Children: Social-Emotional Problem Solving.

November 2013

Survive & Thrive Series: Dr. Annye Rothenberg spoke on Toilet Learning. Annye Rothenberg, Ph.D., is a San Francisco Bay Area child/parent psychologist and a specialist in childrearing and development of young children.

February 2013

Survive & Thrive Series: Mike Lanza spoke on children as “players” vs. “doers”.

May 2012

Survive & Thrive Series: Young Minds Require Creative Discipline by Sylvia Ford

October 2011

Alumni Picnic

September 2010

Alumni Barbeque and Film Premiere of Growing Together: the Preschool Family Story

October 2009

Alumni Picnic

August 2008

Alumni Back to School Picnic

October 2007

Alumni Breakfast

February 2010

Parents Survive & Thrive: health and disease prevention for children, adolescents and families

March 2010

Parents Survive & Thrive: children and sleep

March 2009

Parents Survive & Thrive: "Nutrition for Children" with Dr. Raquel Burgos

April 2009

Parents Survive & Thrive: "Ask the Sleep Doctor" with Dr. Rafael Pelayo

Fall 2006

PreSchool Family 60th Anniversary Event

May 2006

May Fete Parade March with PreSchool Family Community

February 2006

Speaker Event: Fred Luskin's talk on Forgiveness.

Summer 2005

Bathroom Remodel at PSF campus

Spring/Summer 2005

Challenge Grant: The DesJardin/Blachman Fund announced a $10,000 Challenge Grant on behalf of Friends of PreSchool Family. This grant matched any donation over $50 to Friends of PreSchool Family made before July 15, 2005. The funds from this challenge will help fund new and existing programs sponsored by Friends of PreSchool Family. By early summer we raised over $20,000! Thank you to the DesJardin/Blachman Fund and to all our donors.